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The Requirements To Become A Certified Home Inspector

Home inspector looking for possible problems for a potential buyer, found rotted wood frame on exterior door frame

Decades ago when people bought homes, they expected there to be a few things wrong with them and it was all part of the deal. Homes only cost about three or four years wages and repairs were fairly cheap if you didn’t already know how to do them yourself. Nowadays however, homes are nearly a million dollars for an average family sized place. For that price, there better not be any dry rot, broken gutters, or missing shingles. So before nearly every house sale or mortgage application there is a home inspection. First by the prospective buyer, then by the bank loaning the money. This has led to a huge demand for certified home inspectors and the market is still growing.

What Kind Of Experience Is Needed To Be A Home Inspector?

While nearly anyone could learn the trade and eventually be a great home inspector, those with previous construction or contracting experience already have many of the skills. People that work in the real estate business, own lots of rental properties, do a lot of projects on their own homes, and people in home improvement sales also have an advantage as well.

To be a top quality home inspector, you’ll need to be able to climb a ladder and walk on a roof in order to assess its condition and find any defects. You’ll also have to know how to inspect wiring, both inside the fuse box, in the attic, and at the outlets. Plumbing knowledge is also very important. Plumbing problems are one of the most troublesome for all homeowners because of the nature of leaks, clogs, and blockages.

A Tulsa home inspector will also need to be able to recognize problems with pest control such as termite infestations, carpenter ants, rats, and dozens of other pests. Some of them can be hard to spot from the exterior so the inspector will need to be able to crawl under a home and look for problems involving pests and dry rot as well. This can be a demanding job physically just getting to the locations that need to be inspected.

Getting Certified As A Home Inspector

The first thing to do is contact your local state contractors board and find out if inspectors need a license in your state. Most states do require a license and training classes as well. There are online resources that can help you too, but asking directly will be the best route in the end.

The most common requirements will be some pre-licensing courses that involve a certain number of classroom hours. Then most state require an exam to test your knowledge before issuing a license. In addition to that, there may also be ongoing continuing education to keep your license current or at the time of renewal. Each state is different, so that is the place to start.

If you already have construction or remodeling experience you’ll be a step ahead of those that don’t. There is a lot to learn about all the different parts of a home from plumbing and electrical, to roofing and foundations. Hands-experience is usually the best teacher. There are also online courses that can be found to help get your license and qualified for the classroom training, then the exams are usually given at set times by your state licensing board on a regular basis.

If you do decide to become a home inspector, it does pay quite well, has flexible hours and a lot of independence on the job. A lot of responsibility comes with that independence but most conscientious people have no problem handling that.